“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.” 
~ Brian Tracy

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I am a Servant Leader. I lead by example. My actions speak louder than my words. I am a woman of my word, holding integrity, honesty, and authenticity as traits that I value the most. I lead by teaching others to step up and letting them shine on their own.

I am willing to do the hard work, the small tasks to get the work done when needed. I believe good leaders work in collaboration with their teams and are willing to do the same work. I am a solution finder, an innovative thinker, and encourage those that I work with to think outside of the box to find an answer.

As a leader in the business community, I face unique challenges that require creativity to get work done. I have repeatedly shown that I will put in the hard work and successfully collaborate across multiple teams. I am all too familiar with working side by side with individuals in which I do not see eye to eye. It is in these times that I shine the most as I take pride in actively listening to other opinions and finding compromise when possible, all the while staying true to my values and what I believe.

Let me assure you that being a Servant Leader and one who leads with her heart does not mean that I am weak. I know when to fight for what is right. I know when to “go to the mat” for something I said would fight for. I will fight for the people of Burleson, for what they want for our city, for their families, for the place they call home.

Boards / Committees

  • Tarrant County College Advisory Committee Small Business & Entrepreneurship Northwest Campus

    • Current Member

    • ​​Serve as guidance to professors in creating curriculum and special student events

  • Center for Transforming Lives - Economic Mobility Task Force

    • Current Member

    • Additionally, hold a seat on the Programs and outcomes sub-committee 

  • What Women Want Networking

    • Current Member

    • Former Founder / Director of Fort Worth Chapter 

    • Former Texas Regional Director

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week Fort Worth

    • 2020 Organizing Committee

    • 2020 Events Committee Lead

    • 2019 Marketing Committee

    • 2018 Organizing Committee

  • Startup Crawl Fort Worth 

    • 2018 Organizing Committee

  • Startup Weekend Fort Worth

    • 11/18 Organizing Committee

    • 11/18 Pitch Final Judge

    • 3/18 Organizing Committee

    • 3/18 Team Mentor

  • Day of the Girl Committee Member 2014

  • Retrouvaille - Marriage Ministry

    • 2006-2013 Board Member

Memberships / Associations

  • Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce

    • Current Member

    • Former Diplomat

    • Former Leads Group Leader

    • Assisted with annual fundraiser to collect auction items on several occasions

  • Near Southside Fort Worth

    • Current Member

  • What Women Want Networking

    • Current Member

  • Burleson Area Republican Women

    • Current Member

  • Johnson County Republican Women

    • Current Member

Hosted GEW Women's Event
Mentoring TCC Class
FW Inc. EOE Award - Just Boots
FW Mentorship Award
Values and Ventures Mentoring
With Mayor Betsy Price at What Women Want
Keynote Speaker Next Women's Forum
Coworking Panel Discussion
Gaggle of Friends on JOCO Community Radio
International Women's Day FW Creator
FW Inc. Entrepreneur of Excellence Winner
Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

Awards / Recognition

  • Fort Worth Magazine 

    • 2020 Best of Coworking Space

  • Fort Worth Inc. Magazine

    • 2018 Entrepreneur of Excellence Award Category: Supporter of Entrepreneurship

  • Fort Worth Business Press

    • 2017 Mentor Award

  • Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce

    • 2017 Business of the Year Finalist

  • BBB Fort Worth

    • 2016 25 Women to Watch

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Community Involvement

  • TCU Richards Barrentine Values & Venture Business Plan Competition

    • Team Mentor / Coach, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (cancelled due to COVID)

  • Tarrant County College 

    • Class Mentor, 2018 - 2020

  • Startup Weekend Fort Worth

    • Pitch Night Judge, 11/2018

    • Mentor / Coach, 3/2018

  • Fort Worth Business Plan Competition

    • Mentor & Pitch Nigh Emcee, 2018, 2019

  • Keynote Speaker

    • Power of WE, 11/2018

    • Next Women's Forum - SCORE Ft. Worth. 2019

    • Women's Legacy Conference, 2017

  • Breakout Speaker

    • Full Circle Women's Conference, 2019, 2020

    • Association of Fundraising Professionals

Business Colleagues
Value & Ventures Mentor Win
Mentor Award
Networking Colleagues