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Keeping you, your family and our neighborhoods safe is my first priority. Our police and fire departments need continued support from City Council, including strengthening our relationship with the ESD's, furthering our synergy with them, thereby reducing the financial burden.


Burleson is experiencing economic challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, we need positive, forward-thinking leaders who are committed to restoring and diversifying our economy. As Burleson continues to grow, increased spending is inevitable. However, more responsible spending is needed to keep us from extending the city into more debt. Smart growth requires smart fiscal oversight. We also need to look closely at our existing debt and take action on reservicing what we can.


Our current tax rate is higher than it should be. We built the business park to broaden the tax base and reduce the burden on residents. While new construction brings in more tax money, house values continue to rise. The residents have not seen the benefit of the business park. I will dig into this and work collaboratively with the council so your property taxes are lowered. 


I believe in term limits and I will fight to give you the opportunity to vote for or against them. Over the last 20 years, our city council has only had 20 people in the 7 seats. In 2018, the Charter Review Committee presented to the city council stating that "when a seat is open more people file to run." It's difficult running again an incumbent, especially one that has been in their seat for 3 or more terms. Term limits will diversify our city council providing for better outcomes for our city.


I believe in building and strengthening the community through collaborative efforts with citizen groups, service organizations, city departments, first responders, civic entities, the chamber of commerce, and the school board.​More importantly, it is my priority to listen to the people who live and work in Burleson and consider every decision carefully given the effect on those people.

Developing the Comprehensive Plan is a major endeavor that engages all parts of the city. I'd like to create a Neighborhood Advisory Commission representing each area of the city to provide an avenue for our citizens to contribute to the process and make sure we all have a voice during this important undertaking.

I'd would also like to establish a Citizen Budget Commission so our talented citizens can help to best position our city’s future financial health. Each council member should appoint one member to the commission as a direct line of accountability.

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Bringing "Unity" to the Community