I am not a politician. I am a small business owner married to a lifelong firefighter. We have raised our family in Burleson and we care about what happens here. We are humble people who have a simple but happy life in Burleson. 


I have nothing to gain from being on the council. I will be a public servant, accountable to you, my neighbors, and fellow citizens. 

There are seven seats on the city council that deserve seven separate approaches, thoughts, and votes. As your Council Member, I will come to meetings prepared and ask valuable questions. I will vote in your best interest, even when it's not the most popular vote. 

I will listen and evaluate all sides of an issue, making educated decisions to ensure what is best for the city and you. I will fight for what is right...always. 

The city government has lost touch with our citizens, approving substandard developments, increasing traffic in already congested areas and excluding us in the process. I will empower citizen participation and bring Burleson back to the people who make it great.

This is our city. We all need to be more involved. Let's make that happen together. 

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Let's Bring "Unity" to the Community Together